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Gig Buddies Croydon

Location: Boxpark Croydon

Club Soda are re-launching Gig Buddies Croydon on Monday 22nd July 2019! Join us in the Boxbar from 5pm - 9pm, enjoy awesome music from Club Soda DJs, find out about the project and how to become a Gig Buddy.

 Gig Buddies matches adults with and without learning disabilities who love the same things, to go to events together.  

The project makes volunteering easy, by enabling people to volunteer by going to gigs and other events that they might already be going to. Gig Buddies aims to ensure that people with learning disabilities don’t miss out on a social life. The project helps to combat social isolation faced by many people with learning disabilities, by enabling people to make friends with members of their community who have a similar interest to them and enjoy the local cultural scene.

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