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Ethiopia Skates

Location: Boxpark Croydon

Born in 1977 on an island called West-Berlin, Daniel Reiter grew up during the last decade of the Cold War. Upon completing his military service, he turned his passion into his profession, and, in 2003, he graduated from the photography and digital media program at the Kiryat Ono College of Photography, Israel. 

Reiter first visited Ethiopia to support a friend who was meeting her mother for the first time in 33 years. While researching for his trip he came across a community championing local skate talent. It was then, in January 2015, that the Berlin-based photographer caught the Ethiopia Skate bug and soon found himself in Addis Ababa documenting the city’s skate culture through his lens. This was made possible through the skateboards and street-wear he had collected for his young pupils. Subsequent visits to Ethiopia, in March 2016 and February and November of 2017 have allowed him to document and profile the skate culture in Ethiopia, in all its glory.


Jacob Roberts-Mensah is an independent curator based in Croydon. Daniel and Jacob worked together on the Ethiopia Skates exhibition at the Rich Mix Gallery in conjunction with Livity. Jacob is extremely passionate about telling authentic African stories and seeing young people do awesome things.

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