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Meet Raj and Raj

They’re married and eat copious amounts of ice cream. They’d happily have a scoop for breakfast, lunch and dinner if they could.

(Mr) Raj’s family has been in the ice cream business for over 40 years but it’s always been their dream to have a place of their own: a shop where they could make homemade ice cream with only the highest quality ingredients. They officially opened Udderlicious in October 2013.

The important bit: the ice cream and sorbets

Their ice cream and sorbets are all handmade in store. The ice cream is pasteurised, whisked, poured, churned and frozen with love and care. To make sure you get only the good stuff with every single lick, they’re committed to using the best ingredients. Every batch is submitted to our very strict quality control test. Yes, we do mean that we sneak a taste every single time.

They're constantly inventing new and interesting flavours to try and we offer one of the widest ranges of handmade vegan ice creams too - made with Oat, Hazelnut, Almond and Coconut Milk.

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  • Udderlicious is a Vegan trader
  • Udderlicious is a Halal trader

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