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Welcome to Spoon & Rice!

Filipino Culture In Every Bite 

Spoon & Rice is your ultimate food destination! They bring you a mouth-watering taste from the exotic islands of the Philippines. Their Filipino ADOBO and BBQs are beloved cultural favourites that go well beyond the street food label.

Satisfaction in every bite!

Their succulent, tender and juicy grilled pork belly and chicken BBQ, marinated for 24 hours is an explosion of Filipino goodness in your mouth! It’s like having a full and colourful sensory experience with each meal.

You don’t want to miss the iconic special barbecue sauce!

Their Filipino fusion street food are homemade with fresh ingredients and handmade to perfectly suit a multicultural palate.

Every bite is a craving come true! Deliciously flavourful served with love! Mabuhay! 

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  • Spoon & Rice is a Halal trader

Spoon & Rice
Spoon & Rice
Spoon & Rice
Spoon & Rice
Spoon & Rice
Spoon & Rice
Spoon & Rice
Spoon & Rice
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