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Fresh Mexican street food featuring Burritos, Tacos, Nachos and Gaucamole

Hola Guacamole — Unit 10

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HOLA GUACAMOLE is, simply put, wonderful fusion of passion and culinary skills.

We are Mexican food maestros preparing our meals using only the most natural ingredients, the highest quality when it comes to our meat and fresh vegetables, aromatic and fresh spices. We offer Mexican classics based on our very own authentic recipes. Lovely grilled chicken, tender steak or juicy pork pibil, black beans supplemented with fresh salsa with different degrees of sharpness and of course, freshly made guacamole.

We describe the taste as a "combination of savoury and earthy flavours"- a depth of flavours and a fresh lightness from generous use of fresh herbs, locally sourced or bought vegetables, citrus, and Mexican origins. We put huge effort to stand out from the competition, constantly and obsessively improving our recipes and appearance. Its not just the delicious food that's distinctive, but also our beautiful vintage Citroen HY food truck.

Hola Guacamole started out in 2013 as a food stall at iconic Camden Market. From day one we've got affected by markets vibes and became really passionate about our new adventure. Eventually, weekend trading became our full- time job!

A year later, was our first festival's season. We were part of amazing events, included V Festival, Lambeth Country Show, E-Formula, London ZOO Nights. In 2017, we brought life into old Citroen HY van, which become our "kitchen on the wheels". Since then our focus was on serving Londoners either on their office's doorstep or home's driveway. Also, being part of some unbelievable corporate parties, included Amazon, Facebook, Red Bull even serving Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible Launch.

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Hola Guacamole
Hola Guacamole
Hola Guacamole
Hola Guacamole
Hola Guacamole
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