Location: Boxpark Wembley

The music industry is a multibillion-dollar predominantly run by white males who are profiting from Black art. Yet we rarely, if ever, see black people in senior positions such as presidents, label heads or CEOs. Despite the prevalence of Black artists and performers, beyond the stages and behind the scenes, there is still a significant lack of diversity in the music industry. In light of the Black Lives Matter movement last year, #TheShowMustBePaused initiative sought to allow the music industry to reflect on the injustices faced by Black people. Yet, Black artists still go short-changed, mislabelled and unrecognised in many genres, such as dance music. For years, black people have asked for better representation and diversity across the board — now is the time for the industry to take action.

BOXPARK Wembley is holding the panel discussion on Monday 25 October from 7-9pm with an exciting line-up of music professionals including Komali Scott-Jones, A&R Manager at Parlophone Records and a founding member of the Black Music Coalition, Alexandra Ampofo, Live Music Promoter at Metropolis Music and Javan Miller, Capital EXTRA Executive Producer & Tour Manager for Mo The Comedian.

Line up

Komali Scott-Jones
Alexandra Ampofo
Javan Miller
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