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Fun products, books, cards and decorations that will help you win Christmas!

The Secret Santa Shop — Unit 18

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YAASSSS!  It’s soon to be that time of the year and the creative brains behind fun Shoreditch based lifestyle and gift brand MAIDEN have been busy for months channelling all things CHRISTMAS and have really gone to town with the tinsel, glitter and baubles bringing you a new BOXPARK SHOREDITCH based pop up shop to solve that most modern of Christmas retail dilemmas… SECRET SANTA!

THE SECRET SANTA SHOP by MAIDEN is jammed packed with a simply dazzling array of fun products, books, cards and decorations which will help you win Christmas this year!

There are literally hundreds of awesome gift ideas for hipsters, geeks, Mums, Dads, Aunty Ethels, Uncle Percys, the Boss and even Janice in accounts!

SHOP NOW There are gifts to suit all budgets from a My Little Pony Pez (£3.50) to a Giant Smiley Light (£135). There are calendars, diaries, advent calendars, and some incredibly cool Christmas cards (Beyonce, Drake, Kim K, Kayne and Rihanna!)

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