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A selection of toys, gifts, sweets and greetings cards for all your gifting needs

The Play Box — Unit 18



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Meet the trader 

THE PLAY BOX by MAIDEN is jammed packed with simply dazzling array of fun products, books, cards and decorations which will help you win any occasion that requires a gift this year. 

There are hundreds of awesome gift ideas for hipsters, geeks, mums, dads, Aunty Ethels, Uncle Percys, the Boss and even Janice in accounts!

There are gifts to suit all budgets from Disney Princess Pez (£3) to a Giant Miffy Light (£199). There are calendars, diaries, advent calendars, and some incredibly cool cards (Beyonce, Drake, Kim K, Kayne and Rihanna!)

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The Play Box
The Play Box
The Play Box
The Play Box
The Play Box
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