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Highly concentrated wax based cologne for men

Pop-up: Solid Cologne UK — Unit 21


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Solid Cologne UK, established in 2016. SCUK is a highly concentrated wax based cologne for men. In contrast to the traditional liquid fragrance we have introduced natural and skin friendly cologne which is applied directly on to skin. Our colognes are long-lasting, strong and masculine. The liquid cologne/aftershave are known to be very strong which can cause migraines and can be a complete turn off for some, whilst in comparison to our solid colognes they are not too overpowering and are identified within close proximity.

SCUK is handmade in London using the highest quality of natural ingredients including beeswax, shea butter & jojoba oil. The fragrance is made using essential and fragrance oils. The product contains no alcohol or any harmful chemicals, therefore reducing the chances of skin irritation. Our product can also be used for moisturising your skin as it contains natural ingredients. The application is easy, simply scrape off or rub small amount of cologne with your index finger and apply directly into pulse points.

Their pocket size cologne is very convenient and easier to travel with as they don’t cause any leakage or breakage. Whether you are flying out on holiday, going to the gym or out on a date night you can conveniently carry your tin in a man bag or even in your pocket.

Their brand motto is smell good and feel fresh on the go!

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Pop-up: Solid Cologne UK
Pop-up: Solid Cologne UK
Pop-up: Solid Cologne UK
Pop-up: Solid Cologne UK
Pop-up: Solid Cologne UK
Pop-up: Solid Cologne UK
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