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Pop-up: RNLDN — Unit 29


OPEN 07 DEC 2020 - 06 JAN 2021

REIGN Italia emerged in 2007 into the Italian denim scene, revolutionising the look of classic five-pocket jeans. Inspired from the beginning in the “vintage” world jeans, with their special wear resistance, precious fabrics and special treatments designed to attract attention at every glance. The combination of vintage and contemporary has been the winning card, always creating big expectations in the public with every release of the collection.

The initial mission partially achieved was to become a Contemporary Brand par excellence, recognised throughout the world for its products of great Italian charm, created for a target group of particularly demanding men and women. Reign jeans are one of a kind. All our models are designed, assembled and hand-treated in Italy, by Italian staff in the Val Vibrata area. The waistband and the bottom hem of our denim pants are manufactured with a particular stitch, typical of the best traditional jeans. Treatments and washes and denim canvases are the result of careful research and an incredible number of tests, made to achieve high quality standards. The appeal of the garments is guaranteed by almost any maniacal for attention of details.

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Pop-up: RNLDN
Pop-up: RNLDN
Pop-up: RNLDN
Pop-up: RNLDN
Pop-up: RNLDN
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