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House of Henna specialises in creating beautiful and unique temporary body art and tattoos using only 100% organic henna and jagua ink. Both henna and Jagua ink have been enjoyed and adorned on the body for thousands of years. House of Henna makes this ancient art form accessible to all.

The body art and tattoos are temporary in nature, staining your skin for up to 2 weeks.

At House of Henna London, their motto is "life's too short for permanent ink!"
What is more creatively expressive than your own individual body art? Why does that expression need to be permanent? Change it to match the season, suit the mood or to fit the occasion. Let our highly skilled artists create your own individual designs. We have lots of designs to inspire you or create your own bespoke body art.

If you are thinking of having a permanent tattoo why not have a temporary henna or jagua tattoo first, to see if your design will work for you on a more permanent basis.

House of Henna
House of Henna
House of Henna
House of Henna
House of Henna
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