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Unique and contemporary eyewear brands offering prescription and sunglasses

Couco Eyewear — Unit 13

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We are inspired by the vibrant and creative energy that surrounds us. For that reason, we discover and carefully select authentic and independent eyewear brands. Plus, we want to shake up the monopolized eyewear market. We want to put the focus back on where it should be- individuality, quality and design.

We are introducing several independent eyewear brands selling both prescription and sunglasses. All of our brands are unique in their shapes and form, their mission and the people behind them.

Most people don’t realize that the eyewear industry is dominated by a couple of big players who own the most popular brands. From RayBan to Persol to Oakly- they are designed and produced under the same roof and customers pay for the name on the frame most of all. We want to change that.

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