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Cosmetic skincare with Korean influence

Berry Blossom — Unit 24


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Berry Blossom London​ is a London based cosmetics brand that launched in October 2020.

Their main mission is to create a beauty revolution by democratising beauty products, knowledge, and excitement to individuals across the globe.

Beauty is a personal call, and when it resonates with you, it becomes exciting. Created with you in mind, Berry Blossom pride themselves on not being just another beauty brand.

Berry Blossom provides skincare and beauty products that are of extensive research, development and customer engagement.

When creating their products, they take personal experiences, skin concerns, skin tones, textures and technology into consideration. They want everyone to find something special that suits them.

Berry Blossom is a fun, clean, and nasty-free cosmetic company with influence from Korean beauty quality and trends. They wanted a name that holds a special place in their hearts. ‘Berry’ represents different individuals, just like the variety of berries around the world. ‘Blossom’ portrays the Cherry Blossom flower, the epitome of Spring that encapsulates beauty and renewal.

With Berry Blossom, they want you to Blossom Your Way, not just for a season but all year. Because good skin is always in season.

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Berry Blossom
Berry Blossom
Berry Blossom
Berry Blossom
Berry Blossom
Berry Blossom
Berry Blossom
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