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Healthy vegan doner kebabs and pizza with a healthy and ethical twist!

What The Pitta! — Unit 52




In March 2017, What the Pitta joined the Boxpark family at Croydon to share their meat-free munch with the good folk in south London.

After, co-founder, Cem decided that he was no longer consuming meat and dairy, his partner in crime, Roj took him to Germany to sample his uncle's vegan döner. Just two short weeks later and What the Pitta was born at The Pump in Shoreditch. Their innovative take on beloved British late night snack has revolutionised the vegan offerings available in London and it seems their customers can't get enough; including Grime legend, JME.

In summer 2017, What the Pitta return to their roots with a new unit at Boxpark Shoreditch

Open Hours:

11:30am-9pm Sunday-Wednesday

11:30am-11pm Thursday-Saturday

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What The Pitta!
What The Pitta!
What The Pitta!
What The Pitta!
What The Pitta!
What The Pitta!
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