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Crispy duck wraps, salads, brioche buns with duck fat chips and craft beer

The Duck Truck — Unit 52

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Tell us about who you are and what you do?

We are The Duck Truck. The first duck only restaurant in the UK. Ed, the founder and CEO (or the Drake as he likes to be known!) worked on a duck farm and fell in love with duck. It such a misunderstood meat in the UK and his mission is to put it on everyones plates. Ducks are raised with higher welfare standards compared to chickens and the meat is so much more tasty! We will show you how it’s done!

Which song sums up your brand?

This might not go down well in trendy Shoreditch, but we’re not ashamed to be huge Take That fans. Our song would have to be ‘Greatest Day’ because everyday is our greatest day and we improve our customers days by feeding them fantastic ducky dishes.

What can we expect from your stay at Boxpark?

We will turn everyone quackers

What item on your menu do you recommend?

The staff favourite is probably the pulled duck brioche. But the crowd pleaser is the crispy duck wrap.

What is your favourite current BOXPARK brand and why?

We are fans of Decorum, great little shop with some great/stylish gifts for the home

What’s your top Shoreditch Tip?

Grow a beard if you want to fit in (men only!). I’m still struggling with that personally.

What does the future hold for The Athenian?

The future for The Duck Truck is to be the next new quality food chain in the UK and get more people eating duck as a regular part of their diet.

No alcohol on the decking after 11:00pm

Last orders 10:30pm

We operate a Challenge 25 policy