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Fresh Japanese sushi, rice dishes and soups served with a unique twist

Sushilicious — Unit 59

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Tell us who you are and what you do:
We are a team of enthusiastic and creative food entrepeneurs who are excited to be bringing this new venture to the Boxpark. A new exciting and creative menu will bring traditional Japanese cuisine together with a slight twist. Our menu has been created to feature Japanese soups, rice dishes, and Sushi, all prepared by our chef daily, onsite. The highest quality ingredient’s, with prices affordable, to suite everyone’s taste.

Which song best sums up your brand?
The song we believe best sums up our “Brand” is “things can only get better” as we both believe this new concept can only go from strength to strength…

What can we expect from your stay at Boxpark?
BOXPARK can expect a highly motivated team, delivering exceptional service to all the customers that venture into the Boxpark. BOXPARK can rely on the Sushilicious Brand to compliment all the other outlets that currently serve the unit, ensuring that BOXPARK is able to expand on it’s already infamous reputation in the area as a reputable and professional operator.

Which piece in your current collection is your favourite?
We have some artwork from an artist called “Jack Vetriano”, his work is always on the edge and always creates new material to stir the mind. We envisage we can replicate this in food, and create a menu continually evolving into the future.

What current @BOXPARK brand are you most excited about appearing alongside and why?
There isn’t one Brand in particular that we can think of, as all the brands at BOXPARK are well known for high quality and good service. We are excited to be given the opportunity to be able to add to the portfolio currently serving Boxpark, and think that we will all compliment each other, in some way, or another.

What’s the best reason to come to Shoreditch for a shopping spree?
The best reason for coming to shop at BOXPARK is the fact that there are so many different brands operating under one roof, and the diversity and differing cultures of the area, makes this an exciting place to visit.

What is your top Shoreditch tip?
My top shoreditch tip is to come to BOXPARK with friends, enjoy the shopping experience and then relax and unwind in the many different restaurants and food outlets, such as Sushilicious, and enjoy the whole ambience together.

What does the future hold for your brand?
We anticipate the future for our new Brand is one of expansion, continually creating new menu items and exploring new areas to excite and influence this new Japanese concept moving forward.

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Last orders 10:30pm

We operate a Challenge 25 policy