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Fat free frozen yoghurt sweetened with agave nectar with your choice of toppings

Snog Frozen Yoghurt — Unit 27


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Snog frozen yoghurt has arrived at Boxpark Shoreditch!

What Could Be More Natural Than A Snog?

A little original Snog can be enjoyed for as little as 140 calories. A Snog starts with lashings of fat free yogurt, and is sweetened with agave nectar which gives it the signature refreshing taste.

Made With Fat Free Yogurt

Lashings of fat free yogurt make Snogs super tasty without the calories.

Sweetened With Agave Nectar

Snog is sweetened with 100% pure Agave nectar, a natural sweetener which creates Snog's distinctive, signature taste.

100% Delicious

Snog is fat free, sweetened with agave nectar and totally delicious! So you can Snog your heart out.


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Snog Frozen Yoghurt reviews

Snog Frozen Yoghurt
Snog Frozen Yoghurt
Snog Frozen Yoghurt
Snog Frozen Yoghurt
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