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Anglo-Italian entrepreneur Alessandro Savelli set up Pasta Evangelists from his London flat in 2016 to evangelise the Italian speciality of 'pasta fresca' (fresh pasta) in the UK.

Pasta Evangelists invite customers to recognise the fresh, artisan nature of their pasta, as well as discovering the irresistible stories behind their vast range of shapes and sauces. Take strozzapreti, for example, which is freshly made by Pasta Evangelists’ chefs each day using just flour and water. The name of this amazing, plant-based shape literally translates as 'priest stranglers', harking back to the days when fat cat clergy controlled public life in the region of Emilia-Romagna, much to the chagrin of the region's people. Or ragù al cinghiale, or wild boar ragù, a classic dish of Tuscany. Simmered for several hours with plenty of aromatics, the preparation of this sauce is a labour of love; something Pasta Evangelists do with the utmost pleasure to delight customers.

Specialising in using the finest, seasonal Mediterranean ingredients, above all else Pasta Evangelists want customers to be spirited away to Italy: to discover little known regional specialities from across Italy’s twenty regions, like Sicily's pistachio pesto or ragù al cinghiale (wild boar ragù) from Tuscany's rolling hills.

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Pasta Evangelists
Pasta Evangelists
Pasta Evangelists
Pasta Evangelists
Pasta Evangelists
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