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Fresh coffee & pies by day, live music, events and a bar by night

Beatbox — Unit 46 - 51

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Following on from the success of the top floor makeover in summer 2016, Boxpark Shoreditch is now on the cusp of another huge addition to the site; it's very own fully functional events, dining and drinks space; BeatBox.

For those already familiar with Boxpark Croydon's versatile drinks and events space, BoxBar, the new BeatBox installation will plant a quality bar in the heart of Shoreditch, which can also double up as hub for live entertainment, quality beverages, premium coffee and delicious pies.

Yes, you read that right - pies! 

In 2003, inspired by the fresh, original pie shops they discovered in Australia, Jon Simon and Tristan Hogg decided they wanted to revise the once-great British Pie. So, on their return, they opened a small pie shop in Bristol, and Pieminister was born. Their vision helped revolutionise a flagging British pie industry, and soon Pieminister became Britain's most trusted pie brand. 

Pieminister's ingredients are responsibly sourced, and they're the only national pie company, in the UK, to always use 100% free range British chicken and pork. This makes for some pretty outstanding pies. Every pie in Pieminister’s Classic range is a Great Taste Award winner and includes household names such as Moo (British beef steak & craft ale) Chicken of Aragon (free range British chicken & bacon with tarragon), and the vegetarian, Heidi (Somerset Goats’ cheese, sweet potato, spinach & red onion).  The range has grown to 14, including Pieminister’s first vegan pie, Kevin (British chestnut mushrooms, tomato, red quinoa and red wine) the vegetarian Saag Pieneer (spinach, chickpea and Paneer) and the Mexicow (British beef, chilli, craft ale & cheddar).  

In 2016, Pieminister launched three gluten free pies, creating versions of three of its legendary Classics – the Gluten Free Moo, the Gluten Free Heidi and the Gluten Free Ranger.  The pies triumphed in the Great Taste and British Pie Awards with judges remarking that Pieminister’s GF pastry was the best they’d ever tasted.

A good hearty meal is nothing without a warm and tasty beverage, so it's just as well we brought Small Batch along for the ride.

Small Batch are a bunch of coffee perfectionists, dedicated to sourcing, roasting and brewing the best coffee in the world every single day. With 10 years of roasting experience, Small Batch are an award winning roastery and coffee company with 8 retail outlets across Brighton, Hove & Worthing. They have thriving and growing wholesale customer base with customers across the UK and have a dedicated training team and facility to ensure that every cup of Small Batch Coffee that is served anywhere in the country lives up to the high standards that we set ourselves.

Founder and MD, Alan Tomlins spends several weeks every year at origin, seeking out new great coffees from excellent producers across the globe and developing long-term relationships that benefit those communities and bring great coffee to the UK.

So that's the food and hot beverages, but what else does BeatBox have to offer?

Well, much like it's big sister in Croydon, BeatBox will play host to a variety of events and add something new and exciting to the local night life offerings. We're incredibly excited to share our events calendar with you in the coming months but, for now, you'll have to sit tight and look at these gorgeous images instead.

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