Location: Boxpark Shoreditch

12:30pm — 2:00pm

A Panel of experts look at the relationship dynamics in movies we know and love. Learn & understand your attachment style

Ever wondered why James bond can’t have a committed relationship, or why Alex Grey has a bondage room in Fifty shades of Grey. What’s the difference between Samantha and Carrie Bradshaw’s Dating styles in Sex and the City, and why is Edward the vampire in Twilight such a magnetic character?

Movie themes can mirror our own personal dating lives. Why do we always fall for the bad guy or girl? Or why are we attracted to unavailable partners? Why do we get ghosted, and why is random messaging so common in digital dating.

Attachment Theory at the movies will help to explain why the characters we know and love behave the way they do. Attachment therapy is one of the coolest and most effective therapies for relationships in the 21st century. It’s simple and easy to learn, and once you understand how it works, it can transform how you perceive, feel and act in your relationships. With a panel of attachment therapists we scroll through key characters and analyse their attachment style and type.

So come along on for this event of discovery. Learn your own personal attachment style, and begin to make sense of your own personal relationship pattern.

The event is hosted by Thomas van Berckel (Founder of Awake) and co-hosted by our Attachment expert psychotherapists Rebecca James & Ania Herbut.

Attachment at the Movies is part of the Awake series ‘Surviving Tinder’ Helping people to learn grow and evolve through the challenges of dating. For more information check out our Youtube video series, or visit us at

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