The Summer of Cocktails is here!

— 13 Jun 2019, 10:53

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Regardless of the weather, we drinking!

We've introduced not one, not two but THREE brand new frozen cocktails for you to enjoy at BOXPARK Shoreditch this summer.

Let’s start with the classics, shall we? Treat yourself to a Margarita Slushie. Tequila, a splash of orange liqueur, and lime frozen for your pleasure at £8.00 
If you’re feeling fruity,  we also have frozen Strawberry Daiquiri slushies. Premium white rum, citrus juice, and syrup for £8.00



Now if those weren’t enough we’ve also got FROZEN PORNSTAR MARTINI SLUSHIES!! The caps weren’t a typo that we couldn’t be bothered to go back and amend, capital letters were the only way to convey how good these cocktails really are! Vanilla vodka, passionfruit syrup and a shot of Prosecco! If you don’t believe us, try one for yourself. 



 All of these treats are swirling at bars throughout BOXPARK Shoreditch now!

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