Put your wellbeing first as Spring arrives

— 30 Mar 2022, 09:23 by Izzy Grant

Spring is finally here! The last two years have put a huge strain on us as a society with the effects of Covid and lockdown still felt today. As we emerge from the biggest health crisis in human history, ‘wellness’ has never been so ingrained in our minds, and gym fanatics are paying attention to the fact their body also needs rest. So in 2022 expect to see a shift back to the ‘health’ aspect of ‘health and fitness’. 

Finally we have made it through the cold, depressing winter months and now that we are moving into Spring, it’s time to look forward and put yourself and your wellbeing first! Spring is all about rebirth and having a new lease of life, the flowers are starting to bloom so treat your body the same and give it the products it needs to feel its best. 

We have rounded up a wellbeing wishlist from our retailers at BOXPARK Shoreditch to give you that spring clear mind and glow! 

Lab Tonica

Harnessing the power of nature to help us in this transformative time, Lab Tonica is a contemporary herbal brand that aims to challenge dusty stereotypes of wellness with its balance of cutting edge packaging design and all natural ingredients and methods. 

Made from carefully selected hand-blended botanicals, Lab Tonica’s inaugural collection features five collections of luxury teas, aromatherapy balms and pillow-mists designed to aid sleep, anxiety, immunity, libidio and of course energy. We recommend the POW Collection, an energising collection of botanical products to naturally wake you up and fill you full of beans. No caffeine needed!

The Pop-Up opens at BOXPARK Shoreditch Unit 21 from 29 March - 4 April.

Green Machine CBD

Green Machine CBD is one of the only compliance-focused CBD retailers on the high street in the UK. Their mission started from patients' perspectives as the founders of the company suffered with long term illnesses. Searching for relief, Green Machine CBD was born, Single-origin hemp products with full traceability to ensure the highest quality end products for you. 

A multitude of initial research studies indicate that CBD could offer a variety of potential wellness benefits including for its potential in pain relief, relaxation, and relieving inflammation. We recommend the Detox & Cleanse CBD tea which offers a fast convenient & delicious way of naturally cleansing the body & mind whilst supporting weight management. Available for £25. 

Find Green Machine in Unit 9 at BOXPARK Shoreditch 


Get A Drip

Get A Drip is revolutionising the wellness industry with affordable vitamin drips, once only available to the rich and famous, with Get A Drip they are now accessible to all. You no longer need to waste a day suffering from a hangover, recovering from a cold, feeling run down, jet lagged or even recovering from a sports event. The affordable Drips and Booster Shots make optimum hydration and nutrition open to all. See how good you can feel at Get A Drip! Prices start from £75. 

Find Get A Drip in Unit 4 / 5 at BOXPARK Shoreditch


The Journal Shop

As well as prioritising wellbeing for your body, it is also important to prioritise a clear mind and The Journal Shop has all the stationery you could need to organise your life! Start afresh for spring with a new notepad and fresh pens to get all your ideas and plans down on paper for a productive year! Deeply inspired by their trips to Japan and their affection for their craftsmanship and culture, The Journal Shop brought together designs for your desk and home from all over the globe. We recommend the Completist Brooklyn A6 Pocket Weekly Planner for £12.50. 

Find The Journal Shop in Unit 6 at BOXPARK Shoreditch. 


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