Introducing: German Doner Kebab and Sunshine Hummus & Falafel to BOXPARK Wembley

— 12 Apr 2021, 08:50 by Tashia Cameron

We can’t wait to finally be back open on 12 April and to welcome everyone home to BOXPARK! We are returning with a handful of fantastic new street food traders opening this spring.

Say hello to German Doner Kebab, serving gourmet kebabs with quality ingredients, and Sunshine Hummus & Falafel, offering tasty vegetarian and vegan food packed with flavour.

German Doner Kebab - UNIT 20

German Doner Kebab opened their first outlet in Berlin in 1989 and spent the next decade perfecting their menu and food offering - a unique blend of traditional spices and exclusive products, as well as refining and improving their innovative cooking processes.

Its kebabs are made from quality ingredients that are exclusive to Doner Kebab Restaurants. The great taste comes from the SECRET SAUCES that set their products apart. Their menu offers burgers, wraps and quesadillas with the option of meat or vegetarian fillings. 


Sunshine Hummus & Falafel - UNIT 24

For years, Sunshine Hummus has been traveling, eating, and exploring this wonderful street food from all the middle east. With years of experience, love, and dedication, they have finally perfected their Hummus recipe, down to the smallest detail. Forget about the processed Hummus from the supermarket!

Its food is vegetarian/vegan and packed with flavour. From the love that they give to the vegetables to their amazing hummus bowls, the dishes are fresh, tasty and healthy. For Sunshine Hummus, food is where people come together and socialise and every meal should be a feast.

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