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From Yorkshire originally, I started out DJing when I was 18 in small parties but it wasn't until I started student life in Liverpool that I got a real taste for it.

After playing a few parties in the Liverpool scene I made the move to Ibiza to properly pursue DJing, diving in headfirst playing various bars and clubs, and ending up with a residency in Sankeys.

I spent a lot of years honing my production along the way and started playing my own music in sets, which lit a fire for music production and opened doorways into composing for film and TV.

Now based in London, I’m either DJing or writing music for the movie screen. I’ve always played a range of genres and don’t like to be pigeon-holed; the running theme when I DJ is high energy fun.

I love broken beats, garage fusions, disco edits, hip hop edits, experimental breaks and dancehall-infused beats. I often spice it up by playing my own edits and reworks too, and love to play with samples and loops - my favourite moments are when people want IDs on my own edits!

My ethos has always been fun, playful and energetic vibes.

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