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Sat 1 - Fri 28 Apr

Jack Ede: Exhibition

Location: Boxpark Croydon

Join us at BOXPARK for a showcase of Jack Ede's work all through April!

Self taught photorealism artist Jack Ede, 21 from England; explores the vastness and uniqueness of individuals from different cultural backgrounds. He uses his medium to communicate how alike as humas we all are, but also how very different we are - that our differences play a part in the human family. 

Jack Ede captures the beauty of his subjects by spending countless hours refining and perfecting his skill. Ede uses Faber-Castell, Pan Pastel and Prisma-Colour pencils on smooth Bristol board to capture every detail of his subjects.  

The aim is to inspire others who have similarly inspired him, such as Australian artist Michael Zavros, and Nigerian artist Ayo Filade; 'I want people to feel inspired from seeing and understanding that everything I've achieved so far was doine through trial and error and thousands of hours perfecting my craft'

His forthcoming exhibition expands on his beliefs of oneness, connecting people from all walks of life through his drawings and subjects. His intentions are to share and celebrate the beauty of different individuals and vast cultures from around the world.