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ComedyMania: Laugh In The Box

Location: Boxpark Wembley

Following success at Boxpark Wembley, we are proud to announce our Laugh In The Box is here to stay! Last Wednesday of every month!

For those that don't know. Aurie Styla is a young entertainer from London and is known for his stand-up comedy, presenting and owner of the comedy brand Funny Heads Entertainment. Anyone who has seen him perform will remember his charisma, tongue-in-cheek banter and big smile!

Currently, Aurie is presenter on BBC Radio London, every Monday night from 8pm - 10pm, and is the co-star to the 2019 horror comedy "Are We Dead Yet?' In addition to touring, filming & presenting, Aurie and his team also run a comedy roadshow called ComedyMania, which brings comedy from around the world to venues across the UK.

Line Up

Axel Blake

Maureen Younger

Faitha El-Gorri

Aurie Styla

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