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 (7:00pm — 11:00pm)

Boxpark Talks: Black History Month

Location: Boxpark Shoreditch

Boxpark Talks has been curated by the one and only, Monikah Lee. The talk show is set to be the ‘Question Time for the new generation’ in which a platform is provided for panellists and attendees to discuss social, political and engaging issues that are affecting our society. The no-holds-barred discussion, combined with Monikah Lee’s raw personality creates a highly anticipated show as she brings a new dynamic of entertainment, culture and passionate debate. Past panellists have included; Ms Banks and Cbiz; Harnaam Kaur, Jamal London, Adnam Chowdhury, Chante Joseph and Omega Axsal.

After three successful years, Monikah Lee has built a reputation as a trusted talk show host and in this brand new collaboration, will host four Boxpark Talks annually.

For the October edition of Boxpark Talks, we will be looking at a range of themes relating to Black History Month.


Monikah Lee


Shannie Mears

Mansa Cam



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