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Healthy vegan doner kebabs and pizza with a healthy and ethical twist!

What The Pitta! — Unit 9

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We have been asked many times exactly how our now beloved Vegan Döner kebab came to be. And, as many great stories begin, it all started over a cold beer on a hot day in Bodrum. Cem, a historically renowned meat eater, had just dropped the bombshell that he had given up meat and dairy. “You know,” Roj responded, “my uncle makes the most amazing Vegan Döner out in Germany!” And, with that simple revelation, What The Pitta was born.

After a quick pit stop back in London, the What The Pitta boys headed over to Freiburg to experience the famous Vegan Döner. Wowed by the tastebud tingling and top secret combination of spices, they knew that they had to bring the recipe back home. It didn’t take long to learn the ropes: making and flipping the fresh breads and seasoning the soya to make it just right.

Only two weeks later What The Pitta officially opened its doors (or make that hatches) at The Pump in Shoreditch to bring the Vegan Döner and other Turkish inspired vegan treats to vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike. What The Pitta was created with a whole lot of love and is a true family franchise, aiming to bring a healthier and more ethical spin to a beloved British favourite.

Aside from the occasional comment from passersby who have been heard to remark, “What the f*ck is a Vegan Döner!?” What The Pitta has fast become a cult favourite and has gone on to feed the likes of JME (UK Grime Artist), The Happy Pear (Vegan Chefs), FatGayVegan (Blogger) and Timothy Sheiff (Professional Free Runner). We have also recently been featured in The Metro, BBC News Night and were a smash hit at Vegan Life Live, selling out on both days. What The Pitta opened its second home at Croydon Box Park in March 2017.


Open Hours:

11:30am-9pm Sunday-Wednesday

11:30am-11pm Thursday-Saturday

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