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To Vegan Express, being vegan is a no-brainer!

Adopting a vegan lifestyle in 2015 was revolutionary for them; an amazing, empowering experience to realise the richness and diversity that food made from plants has to offer.

Any reservations about missing meat, chicken, fish, eggs or dairy were soon diminished and they have not looked back since.

Vegan Express wants to show that by cutting meat and dairy you will not compromise on flavour or texture. It is entirely possible to cook high quality, tasty, delicious food made from plants.

The past decade has seen a consistent growth in vegan food and lifestyle products, there are more google searches on vegan food and vegan lifestyle. Supermarkets are launching whole new ranges of vegan food products and plant-based foods. Vegan Express was born out of a love for food and Charles’s exceptional knowledge and technical ability to turn basic produce into extraordinary dishes.

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Vegan Express Gourmet
Vegan Express Gourmet
Vegan Express Gourmet
Vegan Express Gourmet
Vegan Express Gourmet
Vegan Express Gourmet
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