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The SPot was conceptualised by two cousins, Sam, who originated from Brighton and Priyan, from South Carolina. Whatever places their separate journeys took them to on the way, they both ended up in Croydon, where they've both loved living for over a decade. A lot of our menu influences come from the South Carolina side of the partnership as they believed that's where the best food came from. They then both worked tirelessly to get that menu perfected.

The cousins are both incredibly passionate about cooking and have been 'competing' with each other over the years, using Whatsapp and Instagram to showcase their creations to each other . They have dreamed of owing a restaurant and bar since they can remember and it was during the lockdown period in early 2020 that they finally decided to do something about it! On a Friday they were talking about their plan, on Saturday they turned the kitchen upside down creating a menu and by the following weekend, building a commercial kitchen in the back garden in the process! The next 10 weeks were spent finishing 9-5's on Friday, and getting straight in the kitchen to cook right through to Sunday evening, even delivering the food themselves, alternating every hour between cooking and delivering.

Fast forward to September 2020, and Sam and Priyan are incredibly proud to be opening their first location at BOXPARK Croydon.

In terms of what they offer, they like to class the cuisine as Mexo-American, but tend to steer clear of fusion cuisine, however there may be one or two items they'd make exceptions for! They use authentic flavours with a modern twist and take pride in the fact that each and every one of their sauces is homemade.

Now they want to let the food do the rest of the talking...

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  • The SPot is a Vegan trader

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