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Serving humble jacket potatoes but taking them to a whole new gastronomic level

The Potato Project — Unit 30

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We are THE baked potato company!

We are passionate about providing a quality fresh menu and an atmospheric and exciting experience for all our customers. We create an accessible offering that is crowd pleasing, easy to eat, simple yet innovative, homely yet vibrant and affordable. We offer a delicious new twist to the humble classic!

The Potato Project is the brainchild of Russian Sommelier Ksenia Karpenko, previously of Four to Eight in Covent Garden & currently consulting the best wine bar in Moscow called Wine Religion. Ksenia & her business partner both loved jacket potatoes & after thorough market analysis have decided to take old-fashioned jacket potatoes to a new gastronomic level.

At The Potato Project we want to show the world, one city at a time, how delicious, healthy and creative we can be with our jackets.

Let the Potato Revolution begin!

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