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Freakshakes, gelato and homemade cakes served up alongside great coffee

Sweetbean — Unit 30

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Sweetbean is great news for anyone with a serious sweet tooth.

In January 2018, this delicious dining spot joined the Boxpark family to deliver all things fresh, sweet and tasty. Sweetbean don't do things by halves, not by any means. When you enter their unit, you're immediately met with a dazzling array of dessert options. It's a seriously good menu, too. Best avoided if you're counting the calories but, if you prefer to enjoy the finer things in life, then you may find yourself spoilt for choice.

Sweetbean's counter top is colourful collection of fresh baked goods - think red velvet cake and big brownies. And what goes better with a fresh slice of cake than a rich piping hot coffee; so it's just as well they serve those, too.

If you prefer your treats on the cooler side then you'll be pleased to hear that Sweetbean also has a tasty selection of gelato to choose from - all your favourite flavours for your scooping pleasure.

But if you like your desserts to be a little more indulgent, a little more extreme, even a little freaky, then, brace yourself, Sweetbean also serves up their own custom made Freakshakes! These mountains of flavour have to be seen to be believed. It's not for us to decide which is the best but if you're looking for a Sweetbean top tip then it has to be the Brownie Freakshake. The shake itself is a gorgeous blend of banana, brownie and peanut butter ice cream, before it's topped with a generous helping of whipped cream, a fistful of peanut butter M&Ms and even some mini brownie bites.

So the next time you step into Boxpark for a bite to eat, you might just want to leave enough room for dessert, too.

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