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Healthy living cafe serving artisan vegan porridge, oats, coffee & flapjacks

Oatopia — Unit 71




Open Monday-Friday 6.30am-5.30pm, Saturday 8am-5.30pm and Sunday 9am-3pm.
The Oatopia concept was sparked by a love for healthy eating and living, and a sense of frustration at the lack of wholesome nutritious food usually on offer at sports events which we would attend every weekend to compete in triathlons and running races. Inspired by oats, together we set out to make oat-a-liciously delicious food available at events like these around the UK.
Everything on offer at Boxpark is made fresh on site e.g. our toasted bagels, porridge and fruit smoothies, or back home at our bakery in East Sussex. Made with love, care and creative flare, using only Mornflake oats, our flapjacks are nick named ‘fatjacks’ due to their super size - as high as they are wide! Whats more many of our products are wheat and gluten free. 
Also on the menu are a range of oat and fruit smoothies, a natural yoghurt parfait, and our delicious bircher muesli, plus a new range of toasted bagels. To drink we offer competition standard barista coffee, using perfectly roasted beans from Red Roaster. Our experienced head barista Joe perfected his trade in Melbourne, Australia (Melbourne now being regarded as a modern day leader in the art of coffee making), and makes the best flat white around! 
Alongside Joe we have a awesome team of staff who are passionate about food and coffee, and love some good chat and banter! Come say hi at unit 71 and give our oats a try!

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