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Handmade Beijing street food including handmade dumplings, noodle soups and snacks

Mamalan — Unit 18

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My name is Ning, owner and founder of Mamalan. I started Mamalan as a supper club in my living room while I was still woking in the City. Our supper club was a great success, which led to the opening of our first full time restaurant in Brixton Village. The name Mamalan came from my mum, her first name is Lan and as she is the person who taught me how to cook the dishes we are serving, I've named it after her.

At Mamalan we specialise in Beijing street food, so things like handmade Beijing dumplings, hearty noodle soups, refreshing noodle salads and various Beijing street snacks. The recipes we serve at Mamalan have been handed down from my granddad, who used to run a market stall in Beijing with my mum. Today the heart of our menu is still the very same dishes that were sold on that stall all those years ago.  

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