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Serving freshly prepared soups, curries, stews and soulbowls daily

Ladle — Unit 17

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Ladle are culinary explorers, finding inspirations, discovering deliciousness & telling real food stories from across the globe. There’s a whole world of vibrant, uplifting & comforting soulbowls out there, and they intend to taste it all! Join their food adventure & treat every day as a fresh opportunity to enjoy something new. They like to call it global soulbowling; from the world’s four corners - to your street corner!

Ladle's Story

The idea to sell soups, curries, and stews, with globally inspired flavors, in a top restaurant quality at a street food price, came to us long time ago. As we had no culinary experience, our first step was to meet with people in the Israeli food industry. Each meeting we explained our dream and the reply was: “Go talk to Leon”. Leon Alcalai is an acclaimed Israeli TV chef. He has decades of experience in a vast range of culinary kitchens and is responsible for the menus of several Israeli restaurants that later became culinary institutes and widespread chains. We met Leon with very little hopes as our budget was really low for such a big name. But before we could finish explaining our idea Leon said: “Ok, when do we start?” We stared at him amazed as he smiled, pulled a book about food trucks from his bag and said: “I always had a passion for street food. A month ago I ordered this book online and a week after its arrival you guys called. I have enough projects that I do for money, this one I’m gonna do for the soul”. And that was the moment that Ladle’s soulbowls were born!

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