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Authentic mouth watering recipes all the way from the Philippine Islands

Kubo — Unit 18

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Kubo is a Filipino-inspired startup group concept created by a family of restaurateurs from the Philippines. Having grown up with a love for their home cuisine, the group have set out to promote Filipino food internationally.  Kubo specialise in showcasing Adobo*, the national dish of the Philippines.  Come visit them in Unit 18, and join their crowd of regulars and curious newcomers, where they are turning the wonderful Adobo into a household name. 

To separate them from the pack, they are using they gran’s pre-war heirloom Adobo recipe, whose cooking method and subtle alteration of ingredients make it a tastier notch above the rest.  In addition, Kubo also offer other irresistible dishes, such as Anthony Bourdaine's favourite Filipino dish, Sisig, and Kubo's vegan noodles, to name a few.


* Adobo is a stew that is marinated and slowly cooked in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and other herbs and spices.  It is a comforting country stew that is popular with all 100M Filipinos worldwide.

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