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Kothu Kothu serves a taste of traditional Sri Lankan street food - The Kothu Roti

Kothu Kothu — Unit 36

Kothu Kothu (meaning chop chop) will be serving you a little taste of Sri Lanka through one of its most famous and loved street food dishes, Kothu Roti.

Found on almost every street corner in Colombo, it's famous not only for its taste but also for its unique and theatrical preparation. Traditionally cooked on a heated iron sheet, the cutting and mixing of the ingredients is done using two blunt metal blades. This quick and repeated striking of metal blades on the hot metal griddle creates a very distinct sound and is often done to the beat of music.

Combining the knowledge of old family recipes we’ve created an authentic blend of Sri Lankan spices for you to try and enjoy!

12 - 9pm - Monday - Thursday
12 - 10pm - Friday - Saturday
12 - 8pm - Sunday  

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Kothu Kothu
Kothu Kothu
Kothu Kothu
Kothu Kothu
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