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Serving warm, chewy, shiny, knotted loops of loveliness - next level Pretzels

KNOT — Unit 72

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It all started on a rammed New York sidewalk. Amid the tsunami of rush hour commuters and crazy bag ladies stood a rickety pretzel cart. Warm, chewy, shiny, these knotted loops of loveliness had my wife and me at the first bite.

Several years after that encounter, we ditched the suits for baker’s hats and tunics. Now we’re sharing the love with our own handmade soft pretzels here in London. From start to finish, our pretzels takes around 22 hours to make using 100% organic grain flour from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire. During this period we’re building flavours and carefully balancing temperatures and rising times. It’s fair to say we’ve learnt the art of patience.

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