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Anyone who's been to Malaysia knows it's a foodie's heaven. Period.

Before fusion was even a thing, Malaysians have been blending Malay, Chinese, Indian and Thai culinary skills and ingredients together creating some of the most delicious and complex dishes the world have ever tasted.‚Äč

Rob and Mel, the Eat Lah duo's goal is to take the idea of Malaysian cuisine and create exciting and delicious food.The combination of different flavours, colours and texture to create some of the most exciting food is what continues to drive them.

Eat Lah started as a street food stall serving a little known dish called Nasi Kerabu on the street of London since August 2019. Serving at some of the most iconic and busy locations in London, they now want to share an even more exciting menu to the foodies at BOXPARK.

From humble street food beginnings to an online store offering homemade sauce and food boxes to now serving at BOXPARK, their passion to share the Malaysian flavours and culture has remained.

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Eat Lah
Eat Lah
Eat Lah
Eat Lah
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