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Speciality coffee, quality sandwiches and cakes served up by the people that know

Department Of Coffee & Social Affairs — Unit 67 & 71

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The first Department of Coffee and Social Affairs opened in London’s iconic Leather Lane Market in late 2010. It was the culmination of 18 months work spent searching for the perfect shop and perfecting our craft. As we grew, we quickly understood that whilst a good shop and quality coffee were crucial, the key ingredient to success was our people. The enthusiasm, knowledge, and professionalism each member of our staff brings, help define and differentiate us in a rapidly growing market, as more people understand the pleasure derived from a ‘proper’ cup of coffee, rather than, well, that other stuff.

We are a growing business with locations across Central London, the UK, and a speciality coffee roaster. Our ambition has been to bring Department of Coffee and Social Affairs to more people every day. We want to continue to expand, not only providing London with a quality coffee experience but also other cities across the UK.

Each of our shops has its own personality. Our philosophy is that no two shops should ever look alike, but we believe that whenever you come to any Department of Coffee and Social Affairs you will consistently find our own great coffee and our great people.

“We’re a growing speciality coffee business and our ambition is to bring Department of Coffee and Social Affairs to as many discerning coffee drinkers as we can without duplicating anything other than our superb service and quality coffee. ”
– CEO, Ashley Lopez

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