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Chilango is all about vibrancy. Enjoying life to the fullest. Whether that’s an everyday lunch or some big dream you have in mind, the way we look at it, you might as well go big and squeeze every last drop out of what the world has to offer.

With vibrancy making up our DNA, our diverse menu - ranging from burritos and hotboxes, to salads and more - is packed full of big, bold flavour, our restaurant interiors are colourful and loud, and the personalities of our crew off-beat and fun. It is one simple word, but it really is our guiding force.

Marinated, slow roasted, hand-chopped, fresh-grilled. We make all our salsas from scratch and hand smash our guacamole in our kitchen every morning, to get the freshest flavour possible. Not only that - you can customise your dream meal however you like.

So there you have it. Chilango in a single word. Vibrancy. And it’s the combination of our vibrant flavours, attitudes and experiences that create that oasis of happiness people have come to love and crave.

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  • Chilango is a Vegan trader

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