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Artisan Italian street food serving up traditional pizza and Sicilian arancini

Arancina — Unit 38



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ARANCINA is an artisanal Italian street food favorite that has been serving thousands of customers every day with its unique fresh “pizza alla pala” (made to a secret recipe) and regional snacks, including its famous deep fried Sicilian arancini - risotto croquettes filled with bolognaise, ham & cheese or ricotta & spinach – since 1996. There are five branches in Rome and two in London.

The Italian born Mortari brothers brought the popular ARANCINA concept from Rome to Notting Hill in 2005 and they operate two hugely popular casual dining pizzerias, one near Portobello Market in W11, the other in Bayswater W2. Just like the outlets in Rome, the London branches serve fresh street foods, made to the same authentic regional Italian recipes.

Beyond the two fixed location pizzerias, ARANCINA has a third outlet - our travelling Piaggio Porter. This road tripping automobile is souped up with a state-of-the-art hot firing stone oven and set ups its portable vendors stalls on-location to offer hungry punters the very same Roman street-food experience in other parts of London and across the UK.

ARANCINA (UK) is headed by brothers Edoardo and Michele Mortari. Together they are an effective team. Young, energetic and visionary, their joint directorship has driven the success of the London chain over the last ten years. They’re astute and fully hands-on deck when it comes to managing their enterprise and operate their business completely independently and fully self-funded.

Both successful entrepeneurs, Edoardo and Michele share a passion for classic cars; for London, which they describe as “the Capital of the World”; and for quality, service and REAL Italian food.

Edoardo and Michele are the face of the UK brand. They bring with them their quirky Italian’ness. The west London ARANCINA pizzerias exuberate the same - a true to Rome ambience especially when the regulars (many Italian) greet each other with a warm ‘Ciao, come và?’ over a morning coffee or later in the day with a bottle of Arancina Pale Ale in one hand and fresh crisp-crust pizza in the other.

The brothers have a clear vision for a controlled expansion across other parts of London so that more people can enjoy the ARANCINA experience of truly authentic, regional Italian street food at its best.

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