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After 5 successful years in Shoreditch, Boxpark is taking the leap south of the river into Croydon to premiere the first food and beverage only site, with over 200 events planned each year.

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What is Boxpark?

Boxpark is the world’s first pop-up mall – fusing the concepts of the modern street food market and placing local and global brands side by side, to create a unique shopping and dining destination.

Opened in 2011, Boxpark established itself in the heart of London’s Shoreditch to demonstrate that it was entirely possible to bring dining and fashion back to the street and provide fertile ground for independent and established retailers to reach a large audience in a big and eye-catching way.

Entirely constructed out of refitted shipping containers, Boxpark utilises a unique position in being able to offer affordable and flexible conditions for lifestyle brands, cafes, restaurants and galleries to trade and succeed.

It’s a retail revolution that’s spawned many imitators but no equals. 

Until now.

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Why Croydon?

The real question is – why not Croydon?

Croydon has been the emerging face of south London for some time now, establishing itself as the new home of the capital’s street art movement and the ‘silicon valley’ of the south. Because of this, Croydon’s formerly unforgiving reputation is beginning to subside and big things are on the horizon.

While Croydon is often the on the receiving end of a fair amount of abuse for its brutal post-war architecture and its part in the 2011 riots, it’s often easy to forgot Croydon’s cultural impact. Croydon is the home of Peep Show, Dubstep and the BRIT School – where former alumni include Amy Winehouse, Adele and Katy B.

Croydon is hyper connected too. You can be in central London in 14 minutes and the south coast in under 40! Gatwick Airport is a mere quarter of an hour away and West Croydon’s “ginger line” connects the town to every bustling square inch of south east London – from Peckham to Shoreditch.

Croydon is changing rapidly and while areas like the restaurant quarter, in south Croydon, and Matthews Yard are well established; the town centre has lost some of its biggest and cherished dining spots, bars and nightclubs.

Boxpark Croydon aims to revitalise Croydon’s changing social and dining landscape by delivering the same unique experiences of our Shoreditch site and planting them in the heart of Croydon, with a couple of twists…

Food & Beverages

Unlike its big sister in Shoreditch, Boxpark Croydon focuses primarily on the drinks and dining experience.

Big names from across the capital have bought their vibrant flavours and exciting menus to the 80 shipping containers that Boxpark Croydon provides.. As well as this, independent and local food retailers have the enviable opportunity of showcasing their unique menus to the people of Croydon.

In future, when people think of where to eat in London, Croydon will be on everyone’s lips. From the exquisite fine dining options of a quality restaurant to the deliciously, mouth-watering, selections of a top street food stall; Boxpark Croydon places it all under one roof.

Here’s a few of the exciting venues you can dine at Boxpark Croydon:

MeatLiquor, Cronx Brewery, The Breakfast Club, Chilango, Fish, Wings & Tings, Lazeez Lebanese, Yumn Brasserie, Wine & Deli, plus new comers Sweetbean and Chicago Rib Shack...

Plus many, many more!


Boxpark is serious about bringing quality events to Croydon. A town with a rich musical history, both commercial and underground, needs to be celebrated and what better way to do that than hosting regular and innovative events with some of the freshest talent in music today.

It all started with our launch weekend. Eskimo Dance and NME helped us deliver an unforgettable opener with the likes of Ghetts, JME, Section Boyz and Jay Prince.

Since then, Boxpark Croydon has played home to a variety of live events, spanning a multitude of genres and styles. Every Sunday, we work alongside Acoustic Live to draw out some of freshest talent, in the surrounding area, and give them an opportunity to showcase their skills live on stage. It's important to us that we represent the borough and the emerging talent rising from around London and further afield.

There's never a dull moment at Boxpark. Since we've launched, we've had So Solid Crew switch on our Christmas lights, DJ Luck and MC Neat help us bring in the new year and, none other than, Stormzy deliver an exclusive performance in the wake of his debut album. But it's not all about the music.

Boxpark Croydon is passionate about bringing a variety of events to our customers. From art exhibitions to workout classes, jewellery making and spoken word performances and everything in between. We're consistently trying to deliver a selection of events and opportunities for people of all ages and interests.

So, whatever your passion, your sound, your inspiration; there's something for everyone at Boxpark Croydon. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for details of upcoming events.


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