Euro 2020

Group Stage

The top two from each group qualify as well as the four best third placed teams.


Round 1

Friday 11 June
8pm: Turkey v Italy

Saturday 12 June
2pm: Wales v Switzerland
5pm: Denmark v Finland
8pm: Belgium v Russia

Sunday 13 June
2pm: England v Croatia
5pm: Austria v North Macedonia
8pm: Netherlands v Ukraine

Monday 14 June
2pm: Scotland v Czech Republic
5pm: Poland v Slovakia
8pm: Spain v Sweden

Tuesday 15 June
5pm: Hungary v Portugal
8pm: France v Germany

Round 2

Wednesday 16 June
2pm: Finland v Russia
5pm: Turkey v Wales
8pm: Italy v Switzerland

Thursday 17 June
2pm: Ukraine v North Macedonia
5pm: Denmark v Belgium
8pm: Netherlands v Austria

Friday 18 June
2pm: Sweden v Slovakia
5pm: Croatia v Czech Republic
8pm: England v Scotland

Saturday 19 June
2pm: Hungary v France
5pm: Portugal v Germany
8pm: Spain v Poland

Round 3

Sunday 20 June
5pm: Italy v Wales
5pm: Switzerland v Turkey

Monday 21 June
5pm: North Macedonia v Netherlands
5pm: Ukraine v Austria
8pm: Russia v Denmark
8pm: Finland v Belgium

Tuesday 22 June
8pm: Czech Republic v England
8pm: Croatia v Scotland

Wednesday 23 June
5pm: Slovakia v Spain
5pm: Sweden v Poland
8pm: Germany v Hungary
8pm: Portugal v France

Knockout Stage

Round of 16

Saturday 26 June
5pm: 1: Runner-up A v Runner-up B
8pm: 2: Winner A v Runner-up C

Sunday 27 June
5pm: 3: Winner C v 3rd place D/E/F
8pm: 4: Winner B v 3A/D/E/F

Monday 28 June
5pm: 5: Runner-up D v Runner-up E
8pm: 6: Winner F v 3rd place A/B/C

Tuesday 29 June
5pm: 7: Winner D v Runner-up F
8pm: 8: Winner E v 3rd place A/B/C/D


Friday 2 July
5pm: QF1: Winner 6 v Winner 5 
8pm: QF2: Winner 4 v Winner 2

Saturday 3 July
5pm: QF3: Winner 3 v Winner 1
8pm: QF4: Winner 8 v Winner 7


Tuesday 6 July
8pm: SF1: Winner QF2 v Winner QF1

Wednesday 7 July
8p: SF2: Winner QF4 v Winner QF3


Sunday 11 July
8pm: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2


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