— 12 Dec 2016, 19:28

Christmas in Croydon was never going to be a standard, traditional affair. Not with Boxpark on the scene.

Thursday 8 December was the start of the festive season for Boxpark. We bought a beautiful Christmas tree from Norway and decked the halls with fairy lights. The only question was, who would turn them on?

The musical influence of Garage in south London has long been celebrated and so, it seemed a perfect fit to bring in the legendary So Solid Crew to help us switch on the lights and give us a weighty dose of club night nostalgia.

The Crew performed a compilation of classic tunes and unexpected remixes and worked the crowd into a festive frenzy and, naturally, the countdown to switch-on was '21 Seconds'.

Check out the video to see how the night unfolded and a very Merry Christmas from everyone at Team Boxpark! 





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