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Vegetarian and Vegan Eating at BOXPARK

We thought we’d round up what great veggie and vegan options that we have available for you to try at our restaurants and cafes at BOXPARK in the heart of Shoreditch, London.

  • THAI & LAO STREET FOOD (pictured) – The owner and head chef is a Vegetarian, so your options are pretty much unlimited – select any Curry or Pad Thai on the menu and they’ll cook it up fresh in front of you with with their specially chosen Tofu and stir-fried Veg. If you want your meal to be vegan, just give them a shout and they’ll leave out anything that’s even ever seen an animal.
  • BUKOWSKI GRILL – Burgers are a big deal in London right now, and the city’s most popular meat-joints tend to slap down a boring grilled Portobello with some lame Goats’ Cheese on top  – like vegetarians are some kind of after-thought? Bukowski are having none of that, they custom make their own Veggie-friendly patties that show off their emphasis on the finest ingredients, and making everyone happy. The ‘New Vegetarian’ burger: wild garlic, butter bean, sunflower & pumpkin seed pattie with optional applewood smoked Brie (if you’re vegan, skip the cheese topping and ask for a sourdough bun, made without any dairy!)
  • FALAFELICIOUS – Falafel is a a classic vegetarian staple, and we don’t hesitate to say that Falafelicious serve the best in London. The recipe for their deep fried mash-up of garlic, parsley, chick pea is a closely guarded family secret, with a special ingredient giving their Falafel an amazing Arabic ‘Je Ne Said Quoi’. The help-yourself-to-loads salad bar is packed with amazing toppings for your falafel in pitta or falafel salad, go wild.
  • PIEMINISTER – Their ‘Big Cheese’ Pie is literally the best thing on the menu, even including their classic meatier options. The pie’s made with West Country Cheddar, Garlic Cream Cheese, and buttered onions which all go fantastically with their hearty mash, and, of course, mushy peas.
  • LA CATRINA – Serving a special Veggie option of spicy peppers and onions every day, alongside the usual spicy toppings (we recommend the peach habanero sauce), they’ve got your non-meat eating all wrapped up…in a flour tortilla.
  • DUM DUM DONUTTERIE – Not vegan. Probably the best vegetarian desert around though. Seriously.
  • CHOP’D – You make your own salads here, all ingredients are sourced as freshly and locally as possible. If you don’t want meant or dairy, you simply don’t choose it! We really like their pre-made Humous and Falafel or Mexican Spicy Bean salads.
  • SIMPLY FISH – Pescatarian? Good lord, you have a lot of options here. Vegetarian? Yeah, we got your back: their spiced New Potato, Lentils and Poached Egg dish is top notch. Vegan? Not too much here – but their sides are fantastic…
  • COTTONS RHUM SHACK – We’ll be honest, this is a menu that’s pretty heavy on meat. However, being a Carribean restaurant, these guys have got to cater to the strictest vegans of all: true Rastafarians. Chow down on traditional Rice an’ Peas, Fried Plantain and delicious Ital Stew without even touching anything resembling meat or dairy! Also, Rum is 100% vegan too…and they have a lot of that.
  • BUNNYCHOW – A Bunnychow is a hollowed-out roll of bread, stuffed full of hearty, warming stew; traditionally served on the streets of South Africa. Bunnychow at BOXPARK take this concept to the next level, taking their specially baked rolls and filling them with fantastic tastes from around the world. Veggies/Vegans can treat themselves to a home-made smoky Boston BBQ Bean and Spinach, or Roasted Pepper and Ricotta Bunny!

Full list of brands and food/drink dudes at BOXPARK: here