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Fill UK shops with independents, make pop-ups possible and #savethehighstreet

SIGN the BOXPARK small business rates relief proposal now:

Written evidence from our CEO Roger Wade:

“I would like to suggest the following pilot scheme to help Independent Retailers and revitalise our High Streets and Town CentresBusiness rate relief: 3-month business rates relief for qualifying small independent retailers.

The Government should be encouraging pop up units across Britain. This is potentially a sustainable solution to revitalising our empty high streets. Pop ups are the future breeding ground for next generation of Independent Retailers.

The Government should offer business rates relief for qualifying small business pop up tenants.

We recommend a qualifying small business tenant can claim up to 3 months rates relief once per calendar year. The qualifying business could be administered by an Independent Pop Up organisation like We Are Pop Up or similar body.

The suggested qualifying small business must be a UK-resident, unquoted company. It must also have 10 or fewer employees, and gross assets of £100,000 or less, and be a new business (or preparing to start a new business), which is two years old or less.

The current business rates relief scheme allows landlords to qualify for up to 3 months rates relief if they let empty units BUT the small business tenants are still responsible for paying rates if the rateable value is above £6000.

This system is totally one sided because it does not encourage small businesses to rent empty shops.

The suggested BOXPARK pilot scheme encourages both the landlord and tenant to fill empty units. BOXPARK are prepared to offer up to 3 months free rent, if the government allow tenants to qualify for up to 3 months rates relief.

The long-term objective is to encourage small independent businesses to trial pop up stores.

After a 3-month period the tenant will be then liable for commercial rental terms and business rates.

The benefits are the following; the small business tenant can test out retail concepts at relatively low set up costs. The landlord can fill empty units and qualify for up to 3 months business rates relief and hopefully develop a long-term tenant. The government can fill empty stores and hopefully after 3 months generate long-term business rates on empty stores.

BOXPARK are prepared to run this pilot scheme on a not for profit basis, and work with Hackney Council, GLA or Government to develop these initiatives further.



SIGN the BOXPARK small business rates relief proposal now:

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