Old Skateboards is a tribute to the nostalgic effect that skateboarding has especially on all of us who are a bit older and spent time with skateboarding some years ago. Old Skateboards looks into the past for inspiration and yet seem to end up doing something new. This affinity towards getting old and shifting relationships with skateboarding makes this skate company’s vision quite interesting.”

– Doze Magazine California

In 2012 R.M Sulzbach and Michael Frick ordered up 20 skateboard decks with the intention of setting up an exhibition for a few friends. Both from creative backgrounds and involved in the skateboarding scene they founded Old Skateboards, a brand offering limited edition engraved skateboards created from premium quality Canadian Maple.

The boards, both coveted by skateboarders as well as collectors, will be on display for ONE WEEK ONLY @BOXPARK from May 19th – 25th.

They will also be holding an exclusive in-store event on Thursday 22nd from 6-9pm.