Nike+ FuelBand Boxpark Shoreditch

Nike+ FuelBand Launch

Waking up at 5:30am is never exactly a treat, but being fully stoked about getting our hands on one of the first Nike+ FuelBands to be released outside of the US was enough to propel us out of our slumber to groggily pull on some clothes and get down to Boxpark.

No special treatment for BOXPARK staff, FuelBands are allocated on a strictly first come, first served basis.

Arriving just after 7, the queue was in its furtive stages…but at 9:30, after a coffee and a croissant, the queue was well established. Just an hour later and FuelBand fanatics were out in force, with at least 100 patiently waiting (mostly patiently, queuers will remember #GuyInGreen..) to get their hands wrists on Nike’s latest product.

For the uninitiated, the FuelBand is a 24/7 fitness monitoring system. It doesn’t just track movement, it can distinguish the intensity and duration of your exercise – combined, these create the ‘Fuel’ metric. Throughout the day you tally Fuel points and try and beat a pre-determined goal. The LED display on the slick looking wristband shows your progress and acts as an amazing incentive to get more active and compete against your friends (and more importantly, your past-self). Nike has really thought this product through, the tracking and social interaction are extremely well developed from the outset (we’re excited for future firmware updates), and what with it looking ridiculously cool, this is a guaranteed winner.

Back to the queue: we were informed that limited edition tees were given to the eager first 10 in line…fate is cruel and BOXPARK was stuck in 11th place – no ‘FUEL THE PEOPLE” t-shirt for us. The disappointment didn’t linger too long – we were happy enough with being told we were guaranteed a Nike+ FuelBand.

We were ushered into NikeFuel Station just after the 11am launch to get set up with our Precious. Ben, our designated (and mad-helpful) ‘Nike+ Athlete’ walked us through the set-up process on the store’s huge tablet computers.

We were set up and out of the store in about 15 minutes, ready to #makeitcount and collect our Fuel Points.

We set our target to a not-too-modest ‘Active Day’ count of 3,000 Fuel Points. From 12 until 4, we accrued just 1,000 Fuel Points. We’ll have to dance hard on this Friday night to hit our goal..

Further updates on our progress with the FuelBand coming shortly – follow us on Twitter for the latest: @boxpark

Get the official word: @NikeFuel


Every day from 30/03/12, the NikeFuel Station will open at 11am and release a limited number of Nike+ FuelBands on a first come, first served basis.

Come early to avoid disappointment!