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LBC Interview

Ahead of LBC’s set for on our upper deck, 20th September 6-9pm (RSVP on Facebook, dummy), they answered a few questions to give you a better idea of where they’ve come from, what they like, and what you can expect to hear from them:

1. Who are LBC?
Heralding a new way of experiencing electronic music; LBC is a dynamic arrangement of visuals, venues and artists, unified together in an ambitious monthly showcase.
2. What can we expect from your set at Boxpark?
Anything that has caught our ears over the past few weeks, mostly House, Techno and Hip Hop.
3. What is your current favourite track?
Pursuit – Paul Woolford (youtube)
4. You just dropped a stinker of a tune and lost the crowd, what’s your go-to ‘saviour song’ to bring them back around?
Wat U Do – Trikk (youtube)
5. What is your favourite BOXPARK brand? (Brand list)
Vans are the original and best. They’ve been on our feet since we had a say in the matter and they’ve been on the feet of a lot of guys we look up to as well.
6. What’s your top Shoreditch tip? (apart from ‘go to Boxpark’, obviously)
Stay off Brick Lane at weekends, check out Columbia market on Sundays (if you like Calamari), and hit All Press for good Coffee.
7. What does the future hold for LBC?
We’ll be launching in London in the new year, we can’t tell you too many details at the moment, but we have some really exciting ideas all of which will be announced at